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The ABNF Journal is the official journal of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty, Inc. which was founded in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois. The ABNF Journal documents the distinct nature and health care needs of Black patients with original research and health related manuscripts, materials and reviews. Articles also relate to issues that confront Black nursing faculty members and students.

First published in 1990, the quarterly journal has been praised by prominent nurse educators as "a first-class journal," "long overdue," and "the only source of information related to Black patients I've been able to find". A distinguished panel of nursing experts selects the articles that appears in each issue.

ISSN: 1046-7041

Editorial Review Board

This is a refereed journal. Through a review process, the editorial review board members determine which articles will be published in each issue. Click here to view the members of the ABNF Editorial Review Board (pdf)

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